Wireless Broadband

From QoS to QoE

QoE monitoring on a grand scale!

Wireless Broadband Network Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Analytics

Quality of Experience (QoE) has now become one of the most important factor for customers when choosing an operator. Fracton, in association with Swiss Mobility Solutions, offers a unique and powerful solution to effectively address this challenge by testing and monitoring the mobile broadband data connections.

NxRay is highly scalable client-server architecture, creating an ideal platform for a wide range of mobile broadband testing applications. Its reliable cloud-computing server infrastructure provides almost unlimited storage capability and hosts NxRay Web – your online interface for powerful reporting and control.

With NxRay we cover a wide range of applications. Without impacting processor load or interfering with your dashboard software, the NxRay Client passively monitors and assesses the quality of actual live traffic. The NxRay Client is a very light application installed on laptops and netbooks. This enables QoE monitoring on a Grand Scale. The system can be configured for network-wide passive monitoring for USB dongles and Android-based devices. We also offer system configurations for Active Testing for USB dongles, iPhones and Android based devices. In addition to this we have the Customer Care Expert (CCE) to facilitate different kinds of troubleshooting.

Passive QoE Monitoring on a Grand Scale

With our transparent, zero impact client applications installed on your customers’ devices, you get an end user perceived quality insight directly from where your customers are, with no need for additional hardware. Our applications are simple to download and can be installed within seconds. Legal verification has been made to ensure that customer privacy rights are respected and ensured.

Cost Effective Active Testing

NxRay also supports Active Testing, both manually and remotely operated. NxRay can be used in strategic locations. We have customer deployments of NxRay probes for drive testing, static monitoring as well as for ‘on the spot’ network quality checks. The jobs can be configured, assigned and remotely scheduled from the NxWeb interface. The results are automatically uploaded to the NxServer for analysis.

Powerful System Architecture

NNxRay has a highly scalable system architecture making it possible to monitor and collect data from the widest spread of customers. The system consists of the client application and NxServer, responsible for administration, communication, storage and web based state of the art reporting with NxWeb. Ad-hoc queries and custom reporting are possible with the NxMirror module offering a first step towards fully flexible QoE data mining. NxServer is available both as a hosted service in the cloud or for installation at your premises.

Customer Care Expert

NxRay has also been designed to support Customer Care in troubleshooting. The Customer Care Expert module automatically analyses the data to help quickly identify and resolve customer issues through a simple graphical user interface, and taking your customer satisfaction level several notches up!