Voice Quality Enhancement

Removing Impairments & Improving MOS.

Crystal clear, echo-free networks...

Mobile service providers in mature markets seek to differentiate their services through quality, and to lower the cost of churn. Carriers in early-stage markets must support subscriber growth by increasing network capacity. In both cases, mobile service providers have begun the transition to 3G technologies and services.

Each of these goals must be accomplished without compromising voice quality. Fracton offers VQA™ technology from Ditech Networks to help our customers achieve these objectives while maintaining or improving the call experience. VQA™ offers compelling opportunities to the mobile industry:

Churn and Service Differentiation

VQA™ increases the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) by more than half a point, resulting in a significant percentage of calls moving out of the “Churn Zone.” The Churn Zone is the percentage of calls whose voice quality falls below the industry minimum MOS, or the minimum score set by the carrier.

Network Capacity

VQA™ enables an aggressive usage of low bitrate codecs (GSM-HR & AMR-HR) in GSM networks, without the expected degradation in voice quality. This is a highly successful strategy for congestion relief when aggressive use of half-rate is required to serve high-volume calling areas.

3G Services

VQA™ enables cost-effective deployment of UMTS broadband data services at 900 MHz, by increasing GSM voice capacity on the remaining GSM frequencies–without sacrificing voice quality.

VQA™ solution can be deployed in all major types of networks: GSM, CDMA, PSTN and VoIP