MaxDrive is a Drive Testing based Analysis, Troubleshooting & Optimization tool. It has been designed to enhance the efficiency of the optimization engineers and help even a less experienced engineer optimize the network quickly and effectively!

Operators conduct drive testing on a regular basis using standard tools to check coverage and quality of their networks. Such exercises usually result in massive amounts of test data, which if analyzed carefully and correctly can help significantly in improving the network performance. However, due to limited availability of effectively trained resources and/or time, the operators fail to exploit the full opportunity of these efforts.

Fracton MaxDrive is a multi-technology automated solution that conducts a focused analysis of the drive test data to identify the problem areas and helps the optimization engineer in conducting the troubleshooting quickly and effectively.
MaxDrive is available for GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.


Key Analysis Focus

No Dominance Areas

Overshooting Cells

Sector Swap

Missing Neighbors

Antenna Orientation Issues

Poor Coverage

IBS Spillage